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I first met Judy 25 years ago when I was a struggling teenager at age 16. She was my assigned therapist in the institution I was placed in. It was her that turned me into the woman I am today. She believed in me when I no longer believed in myself.  She taught me the skills to have self-confidence, make better choices and how to get back up when I fall. She restored my family and gave us the skills to live as a family unit. Over the years when I am struggling with situations, I find myself thinking of what would Judy tell me?

Her passion for giving and helping others has inspired so many children as well as adults. Judy is an angel that was sent to me at my worst that helped and continues to help me become my best self. I am blessed to have Judy in my life.


Before meeting with Judy I would get stressed out and overwhelmed by many factors in my life. It became apparent that I needed someone to help me manage my anxiety and help me develop tools I can use when I start to feel the stress setting in. Judy not only helped me develop those tools, but took the time to really understand my situation and help me see why I get overwhelmed in certain situations. I can't thank Judy enough for the relief she has brought to my life. I now look at work from a different perspective and feel ready to take on any obstacle thrown my way.



Judy Hillyer's passion and energy about her work is consistently manifested when she speaks: whether before a group of adults, young people, in public or in private.  When she speaks it is evident she has the knowledge, skills and expertise needed to be effective in her work.  She has a gift of being able to draw the listener in and keep them engaged.  You want to be an active listener, especially when she talks about how an individual can improve their life by taking responsibility for one's actions, figuring out what brings you joy, learning how to forgive yourself, and opening your heart to begin forgiving those who have wronged you.

DeBorah Ahmed, Executive Director

Better Family Life Cultural, Educational and Business Center

When I think of Judy Hillyer, the words compassionate, empathetic, warm, energetic and caring come to mind.  She can get a group energized and engaged and just as effectively, calm a stressful or emotional situation.  Oh yes, and she will do this all while making each individual feel as if they are the center of her attention.

Dawn Kotva

Vice President of Operations


Judy has a unique ability as a speaker to connect with her audience.  She is energetic, empathetic, creative and sincere. She takes the time to understand where her audience is coming from and what they need to hear.  She meets them where they are and inspires them to see new possibilities in their lives. I have seen Judy captivate the imaginations of teenagers and adults alike—in the same room at the same time!  Judy is an excellent motivational speaker, who is comfortable with drawing on her own life experiences as she relates to others.

Dee Joyner, Active Community Volunteer

Retired Commerce Bank Executive

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