Schedule an individual session for yourself or with your spouse or your child. 

  • You can feel better

  • Your child can succeed

  • Your relationship concerns can be resolved

  • Others care and are here

Individual Session Fees

Initial Consultation- $50

One Hour Session- $75

4 Pack- $250 (used w/i 6 mo)

Missed Appointment-$40

Session cancellations require 24 hour notice or missed session fee applies. Sliding fees based on individual need.

Call for appointment 636-295-6010


Speaker &


Presentations & courses are available for private groups or speaker topics. 


Exercising Happiness

6 practices that may change daily life

Waiting Without Despair

Waiting for answers with others to share truths, coping strategy and hope


Celebrating Unique Milestones

Real life is not social media. Celebrate authentically with others.

Late Life Resolution

Share, learn and act to resolve old regrets, broken hearts. It's not too late.

Course and speaker fees vary by topic and negotiable for group needs.


Group courses are periodically offered for individual registration.

Check out "Upcoming Groups" for current scheduling,

For scheduling/rates call 636-295-6010




Whether you desire to strengthen your skillset or a specific need has been identified, individual coaching sessions may address:

  • Building Confidence

  • Workplace Relationships

  • Utilizing Direction

  • Managing Stress

  • Public Speaking--Small and Large Settings

Career Coaching Fees

Initial Consultation- $50

One Hour Session- $75

4 Pack- $250 (used w/i 6 mo)

Missed Appointment-$40

Corporate Contract-Negotiable

Session cancellations require 24 hour notice or missed session fee applies.  

Call for session 636-295-6010

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