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Speaker Topics and Coursework

Subjects below are available for private groups or speaker topics. Presentation or course length can be customized.



Exercising Happiness

6 practices that may change daily life.

Waiting Without Despair

Waiting for answers with others to share truths, coping strategy and hope.


Celebrating Unique Milestones

Real life is not social media. Celebrate authentically with others.

Late Life Resolution

Share, learn and act to resolve old regrets, broken hearts. It's not too late.

  • Course and speaker fees vary by topic and negotiable for group needs.

  • If interested in group schedules for individual registration, go to Groups/Events.

  • If planning for a group, email or call 636-295-6010 to discuss your needs.



When I think of

Judy Hillyer...


the words compassionate, empathetic, warm, energetic and caring come to mind.  She can get a group energized and engaged and just as effectively, calm a stressful or emotional situation.  Oh yes, and she will do this all while making each individual feel as if they are the center of her attention.

Dawn Kotva

VP of Operations MTM

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